\\əˌdē\ noun plural suffix
Etymology: New Latin, from Latin (plural of -ides, masculine patronymic suffix), from Greek -idai, plural of -idēs, masculine patronymic suffix
: members of the family of — in patronymic group names




— in names of families of animals substituted for the last syllable of the genitive case of the name of the type genus

Aphididae from Aphis

Equidae from Equus

* * *

a suffix of the names of families: Canidae.
[ < NL, L < Gk -idai, pl. of -IDES offspring of; akin to -ID1]

* * *

-idae /-i-dē/
n sfx
Used in names of zoological families, as in Boridae, Canidae
ORIGIN: L, from Gr -idai, pl of -idēs

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